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Meet the team
Bilal Tajildeen (He/Him)

As a lifelong Waterbury resident and now a homeowner in the Bouley Manor neighborhood of the East End, Bilal believes that Waterbury residents have a right to transparent, active, and dedicated representation in local government— and that is what ITW will bring to the city.

He believes in an asset-based approach when developing policies and frameworks for Waterbury and refuses to participate in talking down about our city — our home. Waterbury has what it takes to ensure a positive, healthy, safe, and joyful life for every resident. Most recently, he ran for the Board of Alder in 2021 and  forced Waterbury's second ever primary for the Board of Alder since the City moved to Alder by District in 2015.

Bilal earned a master’s degree in English from Central Connecticut State University, primarily focusing on queer theory and political theory as well as LGBTQ literature. He serves as the vice president of the board of the New England Grassroots Environment Fund, a director on the boards of the Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership, Equality CT, the New Haven Pride Center, the Leever Family Foundation, and Community Partners in Action. He is also a national PLACES fellowship alum through the Funder’s Network.

In his spare time, Bilal continues to do community and political organizing in Waterbury, is an adjunct professor of English at the University of Connecticut’s Hartford campus, and occasionally practices real estate, particularly when he can support people of color and working-class people in finding affordable, appropriate, and dignified housing. 

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