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Interested in becoming more politically informed? Looking to learn more about Waterbury, its contexts, and its political processes? Want to know how you can play an important role in Waterbury's success?

Our campaign school is for you!

How do I know if the campaign school is for me?

The campaign school was designed for Waterbury residents who are looking to volunteer for political and electoral campaigns in Waterbury. If you have any interest in supporting campaigns, live in Greater Waterbury, and believe that Waterbury residents have the right to live in an equitable, safe, and informed city, then you should apply!

When does the campaign school take place?

Classes will be held in-person and in accordance to strict COVID-19 risk mitigation procedures on Saturday mornings at Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury (193 Grand St 3rd floor, Waterbury, CT), which is wheelchair accessible and can be access by elevator.

Each session will start at 9:30 am and run until approximately 12 noon, followed by lunch served until approximately 1 pm. 

First day of classes will be Saturday, September 17, 2022.

What topics will be covered?

The campaign school is non-partisan. We focus not on any particular party but, rather, our modules are designed to provide context and information for our participants.

  1. Waterbury 101
    An overview of Waterbury, its history, demographics, and voter turnout. We also cover basic information on the Democratic, Republican, and Independent parties.

  2. Election Day
    An overview of the history of voting in the US, voter rights in CT, and how Waterbury is divided into voting districts.

  3. Canvassing
    How to go door to door and speak to residents, courteously and respectfully, about the issues most important to them.

  4. Marketing
    Dedicated time to practicing free, online marketing and design programs as well as workshopping effective communication tools.

  5. Campaign Team
    Identifying key campaign roles to help participants see where they might fit into any of the political campaigns in Waterbury.

  6. Waterbury 201
    A more in-depth view at Waterbury voter turnout, district demographics, and basic overviews of city leadership. We will also be covering Waterbury’s political history and how it has impacted its present.

  7. Networking
    A day dedicated to introducing our participants to politicians and community organizers around the state.

  8. Graduation
    A celebration!

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