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About It's Time Waterbury

We believe it's time for change.

Waterbury is a beautiful, diverse city. Every neighborhood is full of different cultures, delicious food, wonderful music, and loving ways of life and community. 

We believe that the City’s leadership needs to reflect this truth and that an active, engaging democratic process is the pathway to a strong, resilient, and just Waterbury.

We believe it's time.

Guiding Values

We Value Our People All our neighbors have the right to live in comfort, safety, and community. To live this guiding value, we first must recognize that it is easier for some neighbors to do so and that people of color, older adults, people with disabilities, and members of the queer community historically and presently struggle to maintain housing, health, and wealth. We believe in vision of community that leaves no one behind, no matter what.

We Value Our Community We believe that the circumstances of Waterbury are the direct result of decades of policy decisions. We do not believe that Waterbury has a resource problem; we believe it has a resource allocation problem. The cure to our low per-pupil spending is to enact policies that increase per-pupil spending by redirecting money within the budget. The cure to the lack of safe, affordable, and dignified housing is to create zoning ordinances that support more and better housing and to old out-of-state landlords accountable for their properties. The cure to overpoliced neighborhoods is to invest in their safety and security by supporting just and equitable drug reform policies and proven methods of harm and crime reduction. All of this — and more — is possible.

We Value Our Future Without all its people, Waterbury is not a home. This is why we believe that everyone from local business owners to educators, from elected officials to public service employees, from neighbors to neighbors must play a role in advancing and retaining local talent (creative and business talent alike). We must make sure that the jobs we create or bring into Waterbury have clear and accessible onramps to middle class security, that economic development policies are resident-focused, and that nothing happens in Waterbury that may further harm the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, or the water we drink.

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