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Meet the team
Demetre Coles (he/him)

Demetre has lived in Waterbury his whole life and has dedicated several years to supporting people in Waterbury who feel forgotten and neglected through the work of Waterbury Strong, a grassroots organization Demetre founded to increase the quality of life for Waterbury’s Black and brown residents. He is also an experienced mentor for young people in Hartford and Waterbury. 


Growing up, Demetre went to private Catholic schools in the area and attended Holy Cross High School before going to Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, to pursue a degree in political science with an economics minor. In 2019, Demetre got involved with Tyler McElrath’s mayoral campaign and was able to apply his education to help benefit and support his neighbors. From his experience, his focus has really become identifying and addressing the root causes that impact the health and wellbeing of Waterbury residents. 


Demetre is a movie buff and a big fan of Quinten Taritino. His favorite movies include Training Day, Inglorious Bastards, and Blood Diamond. When he’s not catching up on the latest movies, you might find him listening to Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, or Frank Ocean. One of his favorite things to do in Waterbury is get a slice of pizza at Park Pizza, a slushie from 7-11, and take a walk around Fulton Park with friends. 


Demetre’s strong values come from his role models: Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Muhammad Ali, James Baldiwn, and the Black Panther Party.

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